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Welcome to Habbo-Dev !

  • Please do not post a message for the purpose of insulting, incitement to hatred, sexual remarks and any other which does not respect our terms of use !

    In view of the many often repetitive requests for help, we decided to put the new topics in the Help and Support forum in the Divers Habbo category for validation.

    That is to say; New topics published there must be manually validated by a member of the team.

    New posted subjects which are often repetitive will no longer be validated for at least 1 week.
    When we talk about repetitive subjects, understand the typical problems: 76% blocked client, TheoCMS registration problem, PlusEMU connection error, I cannot install my CMS, my client freezes / reloads.

    The short list cited, are topics that have already been resolved dozens of times. Please use the search tools and enter your criteria correctly.

    Please also consult the resolved forum / PlusEMU: Solutions to common problems.


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Cette catégorie rassemble les CMS mis en vente par les membres de la communauté Habbo-Dev.

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