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  1. I have it in both main directory and swf folder
  2. @ theo240987 Did that, but the main problem is the Camera. Do you know the fix?
  3. Need help with the Camera. I have everything setup correctly. Using Slopt EMU from https://habbo-dev.fr/topic/8301-sloptemu-emu-cms-swf-db/ Also looking to change the Free Credits, Diamonds, & Flame (Duckets) Timer as well. Checked the DB and changed the Settings there but that's not it. So i know it's in the EMU Source. Contact me on Discord @ Jxsper#8550
  4. Hello Habbo-Dev, Hope everyone is fine and well, given the current circumstances worldwide! I'm actively seeking a developer that has sound knowledge of the retro community, to further develop our server in accordance to our users requests and resolve any arising bugs etc. What makes our retro different? Unlike a lot of retros in the community these days we have a reasonably large financial backing allocated to up keep and development. This means we have no doubt what so ever a time could arise in which we wouldn't be able to pay for the server, ddos mitigation, domain etc. The hotel is currently in place and working on our server, due to my job & school I'm no longer able to continue developing on my own. Please note I understand developers are highly sought after and are happy to keep you anonymous if requested. !!!! Also looking for a EMU that has up to date features!!!! WHAT IM LOOKING FOR IN A DEV: - HIGH COMMUNICATION SKILLS! - PROPER KNOWLEDGE & SKILLS DEALING WITH EMUs THE SUCCESSFUL APPLICANT WILL: - Show sound of the retro community. - Ability to meet the ongoing development requirements. - Ability to add custom commands, customs, and make any "in-client" development improvements. VPS HOTEL RUNS ON: 6 vCores 12GB RAM 150GB SSD Please message me on discord Jxsper#8550. I look forward to hearing from you.
  5. Has anyone came cross this problem updating their PlusEMU from PRODUCTION-201802201205-141713395 to PRODUCTION-201812272209-984739530. I've changed all the necessary cs files for packet headers and such. Then I run into this.I know so little of C# so can anyone help me out? I also see that i need to change something in LetUsersIinEvent.cs but idk what, because like i said. I barely know anything about C#. Im willing to negotiate a deal if someone is willing to help me out. add me on Discord - Linux#8698
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