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  1. Habbo platforms are dying, no sense in participation and I thought I will check out your great community
  2. Press F12 to open the developer console of your browser so you can follow up the image path which seems to be corrupted due to misconfigured web.config/.htaccess. Could you show us your web.config/.htaccess file, the output of the developer console as screenshot and tell us in which directory your gamedata resides? Edit: I see you are using Arcturus which has an internal badge generator, do you make use of it? If yes its possibly misconfigured client variables in external_variables and external_override_variables.
  3. I'm not able to give out more reputation points since it's limited for my user level. Thanks to everyone for welcoming me.
  4. SAboteur, 21 years old from NL. PHP, HTML, Python, JavaScript, CSharp and Rust Game Emulation, Game Hacking and Reverse Engineering Private Private I only speak english, dutch and german, I hope this will not be a Problem!

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